ANTILLEAN POWER SYSTEMS (APS) is an Authorized Service Partner of SCHALLER AUTOMATION LP, the leading manufacturer of Oil Mist Detection technology in the world.?

For over 30 years, SCHALLER AUTOMATION’s VISATRON Oil Mist Detector Systems have been protecting engines from crankcase explosion. SCHALLER AUTOMATION’S Oil Mist Detectors protect over 40,000 large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel Engines in marine, offshore and land based powerplants. 

SCHALLER AUTOMATION is certified by Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH, Hamburg according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. SCHALLER AUTOMATION’s VISATRON Oil Mist Detector Systems are approved by the leading IACS Classification Societies, including ABS, CG, GL, DNV, LRS, BV, CCS, RINA, and others.

For more information about SCHALLER AUTOMATION, please visit the company’s website for their location in the United States of America, directly responsible for ANTILLEAN POWER SYSTEMS (APS) as authorized service partner, at

VISATRON Oil Mist Detectors

The VISATRON? Oil Mist Detectors continuously draw atmosphere from the crankcase compartments through a wear-free suction system. Special suction funnels and draining components ensure correct operation under all conditions. The sample flow is guided through an optical channel where turbidity is measured by the absorption of infrared light.

The opacity required to trigger the alarm can be set at different levels.

VISATRON? Oil Mist Detection Systems:

? Short Response Time
? Operational Reliability
? High Sensitivity
? Free of Wear and Tear
? Low Maintenance Cost

The VISATRON? Systems are suitable for:

? Diesel, Gas or Dual Fuel Engines
? 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke.?

VISATRON Oil Mist Detectors:

? VN115/87plus VN116/87plus VN215/87plus 

Remote Indication

When the engine is running in abnormal conditions (risk of explosion), the last thing anyone should do is run towards the engine to check its condition. To avoid this kind of situation, SCHALLER AUTOMATION has developed its remote indicators, which allow the plant / ship personnel to operate the OMD from a remote safe location (i.e. engine control rooms).

SCHALLER AUTOMATION remote indicators:

  • Remote Indicator II ? A Single indicator which can be installed in the engine control room and allows the crew to have remote access to  the same information available  in the OMD display.
    • Compatible with series VN87EMC, VN93 and VN87plus
    • Communication interface: 4-20mA

?Oil mist detection monitoring and alarm information is to be capable of being read from a safe location away from the engine.”